We have developed a very slow back end with the upgrade to WP 3.5. A typical page loading time is 25-30 sec. A Pingdom test reveals a massive redirect timeline issue. We are running a multi-site installation and all worked fine in WP 3.4, although we did have some initial similar speed problems with that upgrade as well.

We contacted tech support at our hosting company for a solution. They feel the problem is the way my SSL was set up. It was set up to only protect when someone was in the cart, not necessarily when they were in the general site. So their solution offered was to redo the SSL to protect the entire site. Sounded reasonable to me. So they said they will take care of making the necessary changes required to go from an http site to a https site for $ X. They proceed to make some of the corrections, not all, and come back for more $$ which I have not agreed to at this point. As a method of trying to confirm the problem I’ve done Pingdom tests which confirm out speed issue of 25-30 sec load times is accurate. It also confirms the issue is redirects and that the vast majority is from http issues. Do you agree that it’s best to be a full https site, and would you agree that correcting all the http references would solve my issue?

Along with this SSL issue they are also pushing me to get on a VPS, telling me our limits of 75,000 queries per hour per visitor is also a factor in our speed issues. This I find hard to believe since we don’t yet have the kind of traffic that would produce that activity and everything worked fine on 3.4 but as soon as we did the 3.5 upgrade the problems reappeared.

I understand that we will need to eventually move to a VPS but the reasons they are giving me are illogical with no common sense explanation. I’m open to VPS but I want some kind an explanation of needs, not just a sales pitch.

Our current shopping site is This site is to be a collection of goods and services with several more yet to be added. We currently have three sites up with a fourth ready to go live at any time. They are heavy image sites and I understand that this along with https requires more queries. The photo site is poised to add many more images with the other sites to add several as well. Our preferred theme is Headway Themes, but use Photocrati for the photo site. We also use Cart66 and Gravity Forms.

Because of the ongoing issues of back end speed whenever we make major upgrades we suspect there might be something else in what we are doing that is a factor. Any ideas or suggestions?