Slow Editing

We’re having trouble when bulk editing products and it taking a lot longer than expected. Sometimes this even results in a 500 error. I had the client describe exactly the steps they go through to create problem (in quotes below). When I tried to replicate the issue on the staging site it only took about 30 seconds. Any ideas on what’s going on?

“I upload the CSV as usual and that is fine as far as how long it takes. All seems normal there.

When I upload, I have it all set to “0” on visible, so it all uploads as “private”. When the time comes to publish it (we send out the alerts at 8pm, so I’m usually changing it all from private to published around 7:30), I click on the category of the sale (this last one was Mid-Century Ecclectic”:wink:, click the little square at the top left that selects all the products, go to the “bulk actions” tab and select “edit”. Then I click “Apply”.

Once the bulk edit options come up, I choose “published” on the status option, then I click “update”. This is also how I adjust prices (selecting “sale- reduce price by set percentage”, selecting my percentage, then selecting update), and remove products (status change to private or pending). It does not matter which one of those I do, whenever I do something involving that bulk edit option, we see the problem.

The problem is simply time. I used to do this with 100 items on the page and they would be adjusted in seconds. I now have to reduce the number of products on the page to 20 and it takes 1.5-3 mins per page.”