Slow Issue theme load

I had to made a fresh installation because it was taking from 8 to 12 secs to load in a installation with one theme plus 4-5 plugins (themes plugin and slider). Anyways, in the new installation the load time it's 4.61secs (best time). And that's too much.

Pingdom reporting:
wait time 3.26 secs 89kb

wait time 2.98 87kb

wait time 2.62 200kb

Everything it's in defaut. Added snapshot, hummingbird, defender and then ISSUE theme.

-Added in wp-config:
define('UPFRONT_COMPRESS_RESPONSE', true, true);
(as suggested in threads)

-memory_limit was -1 in the installartion (unlimited) but when i tried the snapshot it was showing 0 in memory_limit and couldn't do the snapshot. So i changed it to 256M, then snapshot was fine.

-deactivated minimifcation as suggested in one thread. Minified takes 6 secs. (but the page size it's like 100kb less)

I'm new and i don't know if this is what i had to expect. Any suggestion?