Slow Media Manager when WPSmush Pro is activated

Hi Folks,
After some experimenting by Delicious Brains (producer of the "offload S3" plug-in) on a staging site I created on WPEngine, it appears that WPSmush Pro is causing the WP media manager to respond slowly when attempting to put content on pages, as well as when adding content to the media manager. I have copied in the text of Delicious Brains' email to me. We have validated their finding by deactivating WPSmush Pro and witnessing a significant performance increase. Kindly advise...

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for setting up and giving us access to the staging site.

I had a little play, and sure enough it is pretty slow when showing the Media Library in either list or grid mode.

However, on a hunch I temporarily deactivated the WP Smush Pro plugin, that sped things up immensely. When I activated it again the slow Media Library returned. You may want to contact the makers of that plugin.

On a side note, you might get a little more performance out of WP Offload S3 by setting up a CDN such as CloudFront to pull from the bucket and switch to using that in WP Offload S3.

We have a setup guide for CloudFront (slightly out of date with current UI, will be fixed soon)

Please get in touch if there is anything else I can help you with.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Ian,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    There's no "official" compatibility with S3 Offload but the WP Smush Pro should work well with it. I understand that you managed to confirm that with S3 Offload the WP Smush Pro is causing the Media Library to slow down but just to test it: have you tried to switch off offloading to S3 so the Media LIbrary content would be stored only locally to the site and see WP Smush Pro affects performance as well?

    I'm asking this because I'd like to make sure whether this is related strictly to WP Smush Pro and S3 Offload working together or WP Smush Pro is affecting/is affected by some other aspects of specific to this setup.

    Please advise!

    Best regards,

  • Stuart

    Hi Adam,

    My name is Stu. :slight_smile: Ian is from delicious brains, the author of Offload S3 and I copied his response to me into the last email. Sorry for the confusion that it caused.

    When I turned off the Offload S3 plugin and its related WooCommerce plugin in the WPEngine Staging Area, the media manager responded immediately, even with WP Smush turned on. I did not migrate the S3 content back to the WP server as there are thousands of images, audio, and video files and the time delay would be prohibitive.

    So, it appears that in combination Offload S3 and WP Smush Pro cause slow performance of the media manager. Turning either one off speeds things up. The advice I have given my client is to deactivate WP Smush Pro unless she is adding images to the media manager. If that is her work, then she should turn it on, add the media, check that the smushing has occurred, and then turn it off. Turning off Offload S3 is not an option, as we could not access the content on S3 with the media manager.

    If you folks can figure out why WP Smush Pro and Offload S3 cause a slowdown when working together, that would be great. We will use the workaround that I suggested until we hear of a solution from you or Delicious Brains.

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