Slow Page Load Times

Not sure if questions like this are aloud but I figured I would ask since this is a wordpress community of people that are wordpress pros

So i'm running into a issue with very slow page loading speeds but the odd thing is my GT Metrix score is above average. I'm running Joints WP as my theme.

In the waterfall view its showing my longest load times are coming from the first call to the site.

PageSpeed Score (84%)

YSlow Score (82%)

Page Load Time 3.8s

Total Page Size 1.48MB

Requests 39

But if you actually go to the site and start clicking around you will find that it is in fact very slow to load. I'm not sure where the holdup is. Was hoping someone on here might be able to drop some knowledge on me as to why it loads so slow.

Here is the site in questions, it's kinda a basic site. I do have about 18 plugins running but nothing that is very large. lots of them are the basic like google analytics akismet page-links-to small ones like that.

Thanks for any help.