Slow site loading Speed and Missing images on mobile

1.) The frontpage on my website loads quite slow and I was wondering how I can increase the speed.

2.) On mobile, the images on the lower half of the page don't appear to load for some reason.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Aaron,

    Hope you're doing well.

    I had a look at your site and during the load there are couple of console errors related to your theme files.
    It's unable to load one of the CSS files and there's an error regarding plugins.min.js theme file, this can affect loading times and you should check with your theme developers about this issue.

    I see that the images on your homepage are coming from revolution slider and since there's a console error with scripts that I mentioned above they could cause other scripts to brake as well and it might just be the issue with the images on smaller screens.

    You should check with the theme developer about the console errors and once they are resolved check if the images are loaded properly.

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Aaron!

    You're using a 3rd-party premium theme and we don't know its code, we don't also have access to it. However, I must admit that I'm finding it utterly strange that the developer is charging a fee for even asking a question. As far as I was concerned so far, Envato (ThemeForrest operator) requires them to provide support for themes they offer, as long as you purchased the theme.

    Anyway, I took another look at the site and apart from the error that my colleague Predrag already mentioned, I see that also some CSS file doesn't seem to be loaded (there's an error on load for it reported in a browser console as well).

    Those files seem to be served from some sort of CDA. If I'm not mistaken that's from MaxCDN, I think and that often is a feature enabled in W3 Total Cache plugin. If you got that plugin enabled, see if you got any CDN options enabled there. If so, disable them temporarily and clear cache and see if that helps. If not, try disabling entire W3 Total Cache and see if that helps.

    If that doesn't help to or you don't have W3 Total Cache (or CDN implemented on your WordPress site side), check your hosts management panel and see if you got any caches/CDN options there and try to clear and disable them too.

    Finally, if none of this is the case, run a full plugin conflict test: disable all the plugins (probably except your store) and see if the issue is still there. If not, start enabling them one by one each time checking for the issue until the issue occurs again. Once it does, you know that the problem is a conflict between the last enabled plugin and the theme. Then, depending on the plugin, you might need to either turn to the plugin developer or to the theme developer after all. Or look for an alternative plugin with similar features.

    Best regards,

  • Aaron

    I didn't have MaxCDN, but I am using my hosts (Pressables) caching service. Upon turning it off, I went and checked the Mobile version of my site, and the problem still persisted.
    Upon turning off all plugins except for woocommerce/theme(Legenda)/Sliderrevolution, the problem still persisted.

    Also, when I first put up the new slider and images a couple days ago, it was working fine on mobile. But then suddenly it just stopped working properly, I haven't updated anything or added any new plugin since, so it's not that.

    Thanks for the help so far, much appreciated!

  • Aaron

    I got good news. I went through the settings of the slider causing the problems, and found out that "Lazy-Loading" was causing the problem. Upon ticking it off, everything is now loading properly on mobile!
    Now, back to the first question - What can I do (Besides smush) to speed up my frontpage, so we have quicker loading times etc? Is there another WPMU plugin that I'm not using perhaps?

    Thank you!

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Aaron,

    Glad to hear you were able to figure out the cause of the image issue.

    However I'm afraid that this didn't solve the console errors you are having on your site and actually it seems that there are some new ones :slight_frown:

    First one is missing CSS from the theme, missing files cause the browser to search longer for the file to see if it's there and causes longer load times:

    Next, there are still errors coming from plugins.min.js files:

    Have you tried doing the conflict test as Adam mentioned above?

    And now there seems to be an error in handshake with, this could be caused by JetPack if you're using it so try disconnecting it and connecting again to see if that will resolve this error:

    As for the other speed improvements, do you have all the modules enabled in Hummingbird, like Browser Caching, GZIP compression and minification?

    I would check this myself but the account you provided in chat only allows me access to my account on front-end of the site, it doesn't let me access the WP admin.

    It would be best to figure out the console errors first and after that is done and you know that there are no errors that are slowing the site down you can continue with other tweaks to lower the loading times.

    Best regards,

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Aaron,

    In Chrome you can press Ctrl + Shift + J (Windows) or Cmd + Opt + J (Mac) and that will bring up the console where you will see those errors.
    When you disable the plugin(s) do a hard refresh by pressing Ctrl + F5 (Windows) or Cmd + Shift +R (Mac) and see if the errors are gone after that.

    Also, I just edited the login I gave last time and set it as an admin so you can now check anything you wish to check.

    Thanks, I checked the Hummingbird settings I mentioned, I see that they are disabled so you should go to Hummingbird > Caching > Browser caching and Hummingbird > GZIP Compression and from there you can follow the instructions on bottom of the page on how to enable those.
    Also, the Minification under Hummingbird > Minification is disabled but I would suggest enabling this after the console errors are resolved since with minification enabled it will be harder to track them down.

    Best regards,

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