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The speed of my WPMU/Buddypress sites is abysmal. We have tried a few things to speed them up but with little affect...we got some advice to do APC(Alternative PHP Cache) but couldn't get it to work on our server. The sites are running on a Hostgator VPS. I downloaded PageSpeed and YSlow and both are giving my sites a grade in the low 60's and I have no clue how to execute the list of things they give you to speed up the sites.
Speed is not the only issue I believe the Autoblog plugin is sucking up the memory and crashing our server at least once a day.
I have 50 wpmu/buddypress sites I would like to get up but with the issues above it is just not happening...does anyone have any advice or suggestions to fix these issues or can you point me in the direction to someone that can help us that won't charge and arm and a leg.

  • drmike
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    Greets: please start with link to example site as well as check of webswrver's error logs. Always good first step to include with request for help. Also please search forms here for 'slow site' as this had been discussed at done length previously.

    Host oversells their servers. You may want to look for a new host as well. Please check bps load (run a top from a prompt please) to see where the processor is having issues.

    On iPod excuse short. Need log check and link please

  • joshmac
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    @Valerie, installing APC can be somewhat difficult. If the issue isn't the autoblog plugin, I would suggest using one of the cache plugins. If your site is still crawling, I would deactivate the plugins one by one to determine if one of them is giving you this issue.

  • Barry
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    I believe the Autoblog plugin is sucking up the memory and crashing our server at least once a day.

    Can you disable it and see if that stops the server crashing?

    Also, do you want to post a url of one of your slowest sites and we can have a look and see if we can make any "easy to implement" suggestions.

  • drmike
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    Loads in under 5 seconds for me on the wireless network known for taking 5 minutes to load a page.

    You've got a huge number of queries being done to make up that site.

    <!-- 112 queries. 9.087 seconds. -->

    Anything over 40 is usually considered high. It is being cached though so that's a good thing:

    Minified using disk
    Page Caching using disk (enhanced)
    Database Caching 111/223 queries in 0.292 seconds using disk
    Object Caching 2318/2672 objects using disk
    Served from: @ 2010-12-02 01:12:16 -->

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