Slow Site- Upfront Theme and Pro Sites

I have switched to the Parrot Wordpress theme, and I also use pro sites (BTW- Still waiting urgently on the Pro Site and Upfront Fix :grinning:

I do truly love upfront, however, my sites load time has doubled, if not tripled ever since switching to upfront. I have Hummingbird, Cloudflare, and WP Total Cache all installed. I have Hummingbird enable browser caching, however in the performance report, it tells me I can improve 60 points by enabling it. Google PageInsights also says the same.

When running P3 Plugin Load Test, it says Pro Sites takes up 4 seconds of load time, and it says that Upfront takes up 3.5 seconds to load, which is the biggest offender.

I would like to improve my site speed by a few seconds. Any ideas?