Slow sub-site when all other sites load fine

I had posted an issue with a slow site a few days ago but no one has responded so starting a new thread since they get answered right away:slight_smile: Sorry for that but maybe the orig post got over looked? Or is it just a unusual issue that is hard to answer?

Had a few freelancers I use look at this still cannot find a solution.

Since it works fine here where I duplicated my site:

but slow on the orig site here:

Should I try coping all the tables for that site in the DB from the fast loading site back to the original site and then update the urls with search & replace.

Think that would make a difference or no way to know until you try?

Have tried all the obvious things with plugins & themes.
As I mentioned in my other posts (screen shot there) the plugin profiler shows (ultimate facebook) taking 536 sec to load although I removed that plugin.

Thanks for any suggestions!


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello George,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I tested both your sites with Pingdom performance tools and got exactly the same performance grade (and nearly the same load time) for both. I assume however that this might be because you have most likely disabled Ultimate Facebook.

    I took a look at your other thread and I can see that @Michael Bissett is working with you on this and I just notified him of your posts there so he'll get back to you as soon as he gets back online. Just for further reference: he might have not get to your that thread of yours yet because we're supposed to replay to threads in order from oldest to newest - this is so, so we could respond as fast as possible. However, in case you post a few posts "in a row" (without waiting for our response) the system is putting the thread at the end of the queue, considering it youngest.

    I agree this may be confusing so I apologize for keeping you waiting. That said, I've already notified Michael and I'm closing this thread as a duplicate. Let's please continue troubleshooting this in your original thread so we wouldn't miss a thing.

    Best regards,

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