Slow to Load and Process

Hi Support Superheroes,

I have a graphic-intensive website, and in spite of optimising nearly all my images, and installing and configuring Hummingbird and Cloudflare, it's still very slow...

Could you kindly advise what I should do with it? I'm terrified of minifying my website at this stage, coz I have tried it before and ended up screwing up the CSS of the entire website (on another installation)!

Thank you very much in advance for your aid. :grinning:


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Caleb,

    Your site has quite a few images and some are still larger than needed.

    Let's take the first image (kid with a sponge) as an example, actual size of that image is 1920x1080 pixels while the holder that image is in is only 1366x745.

    This resizing is something that smush can't do and you should either resize the image in WP image editor or on your PC and then reupload it.
    If there are more images like this it could have significant impact on your load size.

    As for minification, this is a little tricky tool as it depends strongly on what themes and plugins you have running on your site, sometimes enabling it can cause issues with the layout but you should then start excluding files from minification one by one in order to see which one is causing it and then leave other files minified and exclude only that one.

    However, note that minification and other tools like this should be done after you have finished with developing your site.

    Best regards,

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