Slow Upfront Website

Ah, you would think it would be all engines ahead to try and speed up UpFront overall? Seems to be a fairly widespread issue with it.

So, I have installed WP Smush Pro, HummingBird, Wp Super Cache, and in Upfront I changed the experimental to "Aggressive" and turned on Gzip. Pingdom is reporting a load time of 6.5 seconds on average. This needs to be cut in half. When you load the website, it takes several seconds and just displays a white screen, then loads everything at once. Sometimes, the header loads, but the picture takes a few seconds to load.

ALSO, how do I change when you hover on the navigation bar to not make it so you do not see the text anymore? I need it changed to white. :slight_smile:
What else can I do? This website is a pretty much fresh install. Support access is granted.