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I am having some problem with my website load up time. I have tested it 2 weeks before (on pingdom) and it had 1.6 seconds load up time. Now I tested it again and it had 12+ seconds. I have tried optimizing assets with hummingbird but to no success. I have checked server side settings and have no clue as to what may be causing this problem. The result showed me that the website first-bit connection is after 8 seconds which is very weird (how can it receive the first-bit so late?).
Does anyone have any clues as to what is my problem here?
All help is very appreciated also I have opened support access to the site.

Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi David

    I hope you're well today!

    I accessed your site to check it and noticed the slowness immediately. To be able to see what's happening "under the hood" I have temporarily disabled Asset Optimization in Hummingbird and cleared cache. Apparently, the site started to load much faster after that.

    I've installed Query Monitor plugin there (I've disabled it so it's currently there but no working, thus not using any resources) and noticed that upon each load the theme (parent theme) is trying to perform some "meta cache" update operation, which is a bit unexpected.

    However, as the site started to load faster I've left it "as is" for now and I'd like to ask you for two things:

    - please check the site and let me know if this is about that speed it had before or if it's still slower than it used to be?

    - please keep an eye on the site and see if it starts to slow down over time - like in a day or a couple of days and when it does, please do not make any changes to configuration whatsoever but instead just make sure that support access is still active and let me know here.

    My point is that I'd like to "catch it in the act", so to say, as it might reveal additional issues that are involved.

    Best regards,

  • David

    Hi Adam,
    I have checked the site on pingdom and site itself. The load time went from 12 seconds to 6. I see an improvement but it still has some serious problems. I checked the plugin you installed and saw some database errors as well some php.

    On pingdom the site is in await status for 4 to 5 seconds and then it loads very quickly. Do you have any idea why? I know it is related to the server and how long it takes for it to establish a connection but I can't pinpoint the problem.

    I can enable wp_debug if it helps and provide information from the server side.

    All best,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi David

    Thanks for response.

    I tested site again and it seems that this 5-6 load time is quite consistent, with a long (>4 seconds) "Wait" time on initial request.

    I'd normally suggest to start with enabling some cache to see if that helps but there's already Hummingbird installed with Page Cache enabled. That'd most likely mean that there's a sort of a "bottleneck" - to strict webserver/database engine configuration or some "overhead/overload" on the database, to name just a few options.

    I've disabled Query Monitor for now again as there's no point in keeping it active all the time but please don't remove it yet. I would also like to take a closer look at your server so I'd need a direct access credentials (to both server and site in case I'd need to disable WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin during testing).

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    Kind regards,

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