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Hey all,
I'm building a network for instructional designers in wyoming at and having some strange things going on with links. On the home page, if you click the icon for the welcome group (the little sock man, it'll change, but it's fun for now) it just reloads the home page. But if you go to Community >> Groups, then click on it, you can go to the group.

Likewise, the Events link in the main menu, just reloads the page.

I'm lost on this one, any thoughts would be much appreciated,
~ Aaron

  • DavidM
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    Hi Aaron and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Yes, that definitely is strange. Going to the following url, you can see the link to the Welcome group.

    The url for that link is When you click on that link, it takes you to the Welcome group's front page at

    Yet when you enter that url directly in your browser, it takes you to the site's homepage. Quite confusing!

    As a way to rule out a plugin conflict, could you try disabling plugins to see if there might be one of them causing a conflict? Perhaps whatever plugin you're using for the Events?


  • DavidM
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    Hi Aaron,

    Haven't heard back from you on this one, so we're assuming it's sorted? If not, just let us know and we'll take another look.

    The BlogsMu theme has also been updated, along with WP 3.2. An update to those might fix the issue as well if the trouble's still persisting.


  • DrPeril
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    Yeah sorry for my lack of reply, I think I posted a follow up on BP and forgot about this one.
    I did get it sorted out, the plugin BP_FrontPage causes massive URL problems when combined with some other pretty common plugins. Not sure of all of them, but it seems that the media buttons plugin, facebook styled Like plugin, and a few BP plugins like group docs.

    At any rate, the BP Group FrontPage plugin was the problem.
    Thanks for all your help!
    ~ Aaron

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