Small adjustments to shopping cart widget

I have the shopping cart widget in my side bar.

First, it seems there should be a line below the shopping cart before blog categories like the ones that are between all of the other different widgets. How do I add that?

Second when you add a product to the cart the browse products link switches to two different links; empty cart or check out. The problem is that there is no space between these 2 links which makes it easy for a customer to empty their cart instead of checking out. Any solutions?


  • Catrina

    I think I could figure this out if I could find the files.
    This may be a dumb question but I just don't get where the market press files are stored.
    I see the theme files under apperance and the core marketpress files under plug in's but I have had a couple of threads this week where I'm refered to other market press files and I just don't understand where they are.
    I looked in my files but going through bluehost, but I only see word press files.
    I also like to read the .txt file that was recomended in another post and don't know where to find that either.

  • Mason

    Hiya Catrina,

    Well, let me see what I can answer for you here. Any specific questions or threads you've found confusing just let me know :slight_smile:

    All the files are accessible via ftp or server and live inside the wp-content directory. Themes live in a themes folder. Plugins live in the plugins folder.

    Now, for customizing the design of the site - even if we're making changes to marketpress display, we'll actually want to add our code to the theme. This is so that you can update MarketPress anytime and not worry about losing your code changes.

    Some themes have a spot that they allow for custom CSS, while others (like the ones here) use the child theme method. You put all design customizations into a child theme and then the "parent" theme stays at default so that it can also be upgraded at any time.

    Does that help a bit?

  • Catrina

    Hi Masonjames,
    Thank you for your answer.
    The light is comming on here. I have been doing a lot of reading and playing marketpress/wordpress all week.
    I understand custom page templates now :slight_smile:
    I did find that .txt file that was mentioned above and that was very helpful, and I found all of the market press files.
    I also understand the child theme thing now too, so thank you for that.
    I didn't understand before that you wanted me to add this to the css file so I tried that just now and it did seem to help. Not perfect yet but I'll play with it a little bit. I have the line between the widgets now, but I think it still needs a space or two added between the line and the words in the widget. Also I need a space between the words "Empty Cart" and "Checkout" (you don't see this unless you add an item to the cart.
    Thanks, lmk if you have a tweek for this.

  • Catrina

    Do you know how some little things just bother you?
    James helped me get part way there, I now have a line at the bottom of the shopping cart widiget before the next widget, but it still seems really crowded. I'd like a space between the words and the line.
    Also after a product is added to the cart there are 2 choices for the customer; empty cart and check out. There is now space between the 2 choices so it is easy for the customer to empty the cart by accident, get discouraged and then decide they didn't really need that product. That's how the garden ladies are. I tried to figure out how to get this spacing and i just don't get it.
    Thanks you!

  • aecnu

    Greetings Catrina :slight_smile:

    Do you know how some little things just bother you?

    sure I do ..... lol ..... I am married! ..... lol - just kidding :slight_smile:

    I am going to take these on one at a time.

    Checking your page code I find an extra </li> html tag that is causing this line between the order status and the become a friend.

    This may be a little challenging to find out where it is coming from.

    Could you please temporarily turn off one or the other plugin and let me know so that I can check the code and at least know which one is causing the extra </li>

    Joe :slight_smile:

  • camparoo

    Catrina, that extra </li> can foul you up and I'd follow Acenu's info on that first, but it really does look like you have a CSS issue. Your CSS depends on which theme you are using. Go to your Wordpress dashboard > Products > Store Settings > Presentation ...and check out which theme you are using.

    Then, save a copy of your marketpress plugin, and then use FTP to go to marketpress > marketpress-includes > access the CSS for the plugin.

    That folder in marketpress-includes called 'css' actually just covers the styling of marketpress in your dashboard.

    Best of luck!


  • Catrina

    Hi aecnu and Mary,
    Thanks for helping me with this.

    First, aecnu, you have lost me. Where did you find the extra ? Was it in the page.php template, if so about where was it so I can have a look?

    I tried out a plug in called simple breaks to see if I could add dividing lines between my content and my ads as the ads were kind of crowding the content. That plug in never really worked right, but I'm wondering if that could have caused the line and extra that you are mentioning above. I deleted the simple breaks plug in yesterday, but I'm not sure if it left stray code behind. Can you lmk if you are still seeing this problem?

    I'm not sure which other plugins you would like me to deactivate to evaluate this problem.

    Mary, thanks for your tips. I am using a custom theme so my store settings are set to none - custom theme template. I don't believe there are any special .css files in the theme for marketpress other than the code that I added at the end which is what mason suggested above which effectively added the line after the shopping cart widget. I have the origional marketpress zipped file in my downloads file on my computer is that good enough for a back up? Then let me get this straight; are you suggesting that I look at the css for one of the included themes to get an idea of what to use in my theme? I see now how the css folder in the includes folder is for the back end.


  • Catrina

    Hi again,
    Interesting, I did what I think Mary was suggesting above and I found the css files for the modern and classic theme. I copied the code for the shopping cart widget into my theme css. Now I have a nifty grid/table sort of thing surrounding my shopping cart. I also have the line that I got from the first bit of code that I entered from Mason. I think the grid helps you see it better, but I'm not sure I like how busy it is. The grid does not show up until a product is added to the cart. What I would still like however is a space between the bottom of the words in the cart (Browse products or Empty Cart/Check out) and the line. Also there should be a space between Empty Cart and Check Out.
    I tried messing with the padding and that didn't seem to change anything.
    This is not really a huge thing, but I really am learning a lot as I explore it.
    Thanks everyone.
    Points to Mary for helping me see how to view the marketpress files with FTP.

  • aecnu

    Greetings Catrina,

    After taking a broader view of the coding the line I thought you wanted to remove is actually intentionally there separating the order status from the next widget become a friend .

    I originally thought you did not want this there but figured out that you do want it there - but it does not cover the entire bar and therefore looks kind of funky. Item 1 in the attached graphic.

    This is probably being caused by the shopping carts widget css or code limiting the lines width.

    Your statement that the shopping cart area looks too busy - because the There are no items in your cart. and Browse Products » are too close together?

    If you can insert a < br /> before and after the Browse Products » it should add a space above and below the Browse Products » breaking up the busy-ness and adding a space between the shopping cart widget and the next widget.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev member!

    If we can be of further assistance please let us know.

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

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