Small, non-critical Affiliate bug

Found a little glitch…

I was seeing this: http:// in my affilate settings panel.

This is the source. affliateadmin.php lines 539-549

You can see under the first part you have it replace the http:// from $url. Second part does not:

<p><?php _e(sprintf('<strong>http://%s?ref=%s</strong>', str_replace('http://', '', $url), $reference ), 'affiliate') ?></p>
<?php if(defined('AFFILIATE_CHECKALL') && !empty($referrer)) {
// We are always going to check for a referer site
<p><?php _e(sprintf('Alternatively you can just link directly to the URL below from the site you entered in the advanced settings above:'), 'affiliate') ?></p>
<p><?php _e(sprintf('<strong>http://%s</strong>', $url ), 'affiliate') ?></p>