small problem with avatar of user on buddypress

Hi guys. how are you?

I’m new user here since yersterday, and i have a problems with the avatar’s users on multisite.

For example…. i upload the avatar sucessfull, include recrop and the avatar is show fine on top bar and coments for main site and admin network, but if i go to another blog, them the avatar is missing, above on top bar and also if i write comments….

If i see the url of avatar on main site is some like this /wp-content/uploads/avatars/1/93d88d6da404c6ace1b5805e6a88ac8c-bpthumb.jpg

but if i see the same on the another blog where the image is missing the url show the following:

How you can see in the url is missing /wp-content/uploads

Someone can help me? A lot of thank’s