Small tweak to signup-TOS please

Hi can you make a small change to signup terms of service, it makes no difference to anyone, but will help me and possible others.

Can you assign a priority greater than the default to the action hook on line 34

add_action('signup_extra_fields', 'signup_tos_field_wpmu')


add_action('signup_extra_fields', 'signup_tos_field_wpmu', 20);

This the allows extra field to be ‘hooked’ between the passwords (signup-password) which uses the default priority (10).

Specifically, I have placed a password strength indicator between ‘signup-password’ and ‘signup-tos’. And if you make this minor tweak it means I don’t have to worry about future releases of ‘signup-tos’.

I have written my password strength in ‘plugin’ form, although a bit ‘hacky’ if anyone wants the code give me a shout.