Smart Crawl reduces admin posting to a halt


Since the new Smart Crawl update, creating and managing posts has slowed to a halt. Often my server times out when I click "All Posts" and cycle through the pages.

However, as soon as I deactivate Smart Crawl the speed returns to normal.

I have just run a test deactivating all plugins and reactivating the Smart Crawl plugin and still, Smart Crawl stifles speed. My client's site has multiple users who create drafts for review then publish and all were complaining last night it was impossible to get work done.

I have opened Support Access please take a look, currently, Smart Crawl and all non-essential plugins are deactivated. Before you ask, yes I did a quick test deactivating WP Bakery and then reactivating Smart Crawl, the issue of speed persisted.

Please help, initially my client saw a tremendous increase in SERPs so we would really like to continue to use this plugin.