Smart monetizing and marketing

I am looking for a simple, yet powerful plugin , to allow people to monetize and marketing their websites at maximum. And I have an awesome idea on how one can be built like that. :slight_smile:

Basic idea : some parts of your site should be visible only for users who help you. But there is the interesting part, they can help you by different means so you harness all their help :

01. The content should be protected by default by a box which contains ads
02. To eliminate this box users can :
- click the ad
- pay with a like
- donate their facebook or twitter account (
- donate an amount of money
- create a paid subscription

One of those will bring a help for the owner.
There are light helps and dedicated ones.

LIGHT : click the ad, donate an amount of money or pay with a like. Users will need to always do this when they want to uncover the content. Even if they pay with a like or donate an amount of money, the ad is still there but they can see the content by closing the ad.

DEDICATED : are the users who support the most the website. Their either donate their facebook or twitter accounts, or make a weekly, monthly or annually paid subscription. They will never see the ads blocking the content again.

This way we can guarantee the owner of the site gets the most help from the people because some will pay with money, some with their online accounts. All are valuable.

I see a combination between , and .

Please, please, develop this plugin, will help so many people. Often visitors don't have the money so would be great to pay with their online accounts, or maybe they want to just pay and get rid of ads.

This plugin harness the best the power of the people to help the owner of the website.

The Ultimate Harnessing People´s Power Marketing plugin :slight_smile: UHPPM

Take care