Smartcrawl Breaks Gravity Forms Post Submit Actions

I, reluctantly, installed Smartcrawl for Upfront Compatibility

( Reluctantly because I love the traffic light Yoast system, and on an 18 site network - worried that I would lose something, so please Yoast Compatability soon? )

My Gravity Forms Submissions aren't functioning properly.


If I deactivate Smartcrawl - then this works again.

If I complete the form and click submit - the form submits, but there is no AJAX update. ( the form should disappear and display a message )

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey wiredstudios,

    Have you already created a ticket for the Yoast SEO and Upfront issues? If not, can you create one: - then we can get the info sent to our developers :slight_smile:

    I'm not getting the same SmartCrawl issue on my site, I do see on your site that there are some Js errors in the console. One of which is regarding Upfront Dependencies, try adding this line to your wp-config.php:

    define('UPFRONT_DEBUG_LEVELS', 'dependencies');

    That should resolve the problem. If it doesn't, can you grant support access?

    You can grant support access via WPMU DEV > Support > Grant Support Access.

    That way we can troubleshoot further.

    Look forward to hearing back!


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey wiredstudios,

    The conflict was from the Automatic Linking feature in SmartCrawl. The "pages" type was the issue. I've unchecked that for now on your site so your form will work now:

    I'm reporting this to our developer so we can get that conflict sorted :slight_smile:

    If you have any further questions in the meantime just let us know.


    PS. I also unchecked the "Custom CSS" Automatic Linking too as inserting links into CSS would likely cause issues.

  • wiredstudios

    Thanks Tyler.

    I had played around a bit with that.

    That UI is a bit of a mess - is there a better way to display CPT's etc?

    You'll see in Link IN there are 4 other Page Types that remain checked - what are they? Will there be errors in there?

    Also Pages is pretty much one of the most likely places that you would want to link to - right?


    I already discovered a Smartcrawl autolink in a Thrive button Text

  • Tyler Postle

    wiredstudios, those other "pages" types aren't causing the issue in question. Since custom post types are sometimes used for more than just basic content posts, for example your Thrive stuff, there will always be that risk but in those cases you want to just uncheck them to avoid any issues, in most cases those more complex specialty CPT's you probably wouldn't want links to them anyway.

    As for why you have so many "Posts" and "Pages", I'm not sure, I don't see that on my install. I'm thinking it may be from other plugins, it should be only pulling the name of the CPT, which is what it is doing for me.

    If you deactivate all other plugins does it remove all the duplicate post/page entries?

    Also Pages is pretty much one of the most likely places that you would want to link to - right?

    It depends, this is only for internal linking. Pages like "About" and "Contact" you probably wouldn't really want to be linking to all over the place, but if you do have pages you are wanting to send traffic to then yeah it certainly wouldn't hurt :slight_smile:

    For me, I manually insert all my links, so I don't use that feature. Not to say it isn't useful because if you have a ton of posts and are haven't been linking to related pages/posts then yeah that would take a ton of time to do manually :smiley:

    • Tyler Postle

      If you find the conflict for the duplicate posts/pages then let me know and we can investigate that further :slight_smile:

      If you don't find the conflict, then you can send us your FTP so we can troubleshoot further.

      You can send that privately through our contact form:

      Send in:

      Subject: "Attn: Tyler Postle"
      -WordPress admin username
      -WordPress admin password
      -login url
      -FTP credentials (host/username/password)
      -link back to this thread for reference
      -any other relevant urls

      **If you keep support access active then no need to send in wp-admin

      Sorry for the double post, re-read my last reply after I posted it and noticed I didn't really offer much help for that post/page issue.

      • wiredstudios

        Thanks for all of this

        My thoughts.

        The internal link thing is a bit of a gimmick or at least, far too dangerous for my install! The links that it added were not ideal.
        Wordpress itself makes it pretty easy to do internal links these days - I think that I will stick to that.

        As to pages - I think Cornerstone content on pages and Landing Pages and services pages are pages that I would want to link to over and over.

        Thanks again.

        • Tyler Postle

          The members that I typically see using it are ones who do news aggregator type sites so pull in lots of articles from various sources and then want the links automatically added in. That's one example anyway. Not the type of site I would create, but to each their own :smiley:

          Yeah if your cornerstone content is on pages then totally. If I've learnt anything about SEO while working in this industry it's that the SEO plugin you use doesn't really matter much as long as it has the basic features... content is king! Looks like you are already well aware of that though.

  • wiredstudios

    tyler Just a follow up, could be a new thread but it's probably related to the multiple Pages and Posts

    I just noticed that at least on my main site, the titles are not displaying.

    I went to the Smartcrawl settings and it seems that the SEO settings for Title were only set in the first Posts and Pages. I've copied the settings down to all instances of Pages and all instances of posts ( Multiple )

    However I'm still only seeing the site title - on my Upfront Blog Posts. The pages seem okay though.

    Is this an Upfront Issue, a Smartcrawl Issue or a configuration issue?

    I'd appreciate some quick support as it's been like this probably for a couple of weeks, and i don't want to mess up my search listings



    • Tyler Postle

      Hey Chris,

      It does appear that Upfront was causing the multiple "posts", I've just asked our developers about that to get confirmation and also so we can improve it.

      As for only your site title showing, I'm not seeing the same behaviour on my site with Upfront. My posts respect the original "posts" title meta settings. All my other "posts" title meta options are blank but on the frontend I'm still getting the correct info.

      Do you mind granting support access again so I can have a closer look at your SmartCrawl config? Perhaps I don't have it setup the same as you. I'll try to replicate it again.

      Talk to you soon!


  • wiredstudios

    HI Tyler,

    I've granted access in case, but I'm afraid the horse has probably bolted. I wasn't happy with broken titles for any length of time.

    I've reverted back to Yoast - which immediately fixed the post titles.

    I need to reinvestigate what breaks with Yoast - I suspect that it's the Page SEO. I suspect that if that's the case I will move away from Upfront after 2 years of battles with it working with various things :slight_frown:

    The thrive page builder which I also use is although possibly less flexible, is much faster to use and has less issues I'm afraid.

    Something curious happened with SmartCrawl, which I'd like to report and maybe get some advice on. Let me know if it needs a new thread, but at the same time - I have uninstalled Smartcrawl and I'm not going back.

    2 Things happened after a couple of weeks of SmartCrawl with Subsites. ( I have a multisite and extensively use Domain Mapping )

    On one site - google always used to re-spell searchs for "aquedukt vienna ditto" and deliver "aqueduct vienna ditto". That's now changed to not re-spell - this is a bonus and doesn't seam to be related to SEO plugin but I'll mention because of the second issue

    The second issue is MAJORLY important. is a listings site with events. The site url is remapped using your Domain Mapping plugin from

    The issue since smartcrawl is that aquedukt listings have started appearing on Google Places - Google My Business, search box for Silver Street Studios! This is really bad

    It's as if - the whole network is on one sitemap or spidered as one site, and not multiple.

    Is this a bug, a config issue, a clash between DM and SCrawl? Somehow expected behaviour?

    Let me know if you want me to create a separate thread, although as I say - I've uninstalled SC, so for me it's arbitrary - but could highlight a bug for you.

    Thanks for your help Tyler

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey wiredstudios,

    Thanks for the feedback and no need to create new tickets, I'll investigate further :slight_smile:

    Also, just want to mention that I heard back from the developer and the "posts" issue you're seeing above is fixed in the next version of SmartCrawl, it was actually an issue with SmartCrawl not Upfront.

    Is this a bug, a config issue, a clash between DM and SCrawl? Somehow expected behaviour?

    Not sure I totally understand what is happening here. Would you be able to re-upload the image? Doesn't look like it uploaded correctly. SmartCrawl doesn't combine the sitemaps so that wouldn't be the issue.

    Look forward to hearing back.


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