[smartcrawl] Issue with readability and Uncode theme

There seems to be some compatibility issue with Smartcrawl and my Uncode Theme.

I am now using SmartCrawl on each page to improve SEO and readability. However, for both it seems that the content is not being read at all (example : giving us a 0/100 readability score and our SEO saying there are no images found on the page) Could you please help us with this? Thanks!

It seems that anything within the uncode theme page builder is not being read by the Smartcrawl plugin.

In the sitemap crawl report I am also getting a “23 URLS could not be processed” error and I am wondering if that is related, if not I would love some help with that as well please.

I’ve tried adding the define( ‘SMARTCRAWL_ANALYSIS_REQUEST_TIMEOUT’, 15 ); line to wp-config and even tried 500 as a timeout limit but it did not seem to be a timeout issue.