SmartCrawl not pick up certain things in Divi Theme

I have been working on this website and the Smart Crawl seems to not pick up certain things within the pages to rank them correctly.
The smart crawl will say that the keywords are not in the sub heading and alt tags for the images, I checked so many times and they are there but the smart crawl is not picking it up, I can replicate for all my site where I use Divi theme. Any Advice, please?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Robert

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I have accessed your site in order to check it but since you switched to Yoast, I can't see how SmarCrawl reports these issues "inside the site" and running checkup from The Hub would also bring different results.

    Therefore I have exported your front-page and imported it to my test setup to run checkups on it. SEO checkup reports two issues for me - and it's the same regardless whether I check it directly from SmarCrawl or from The Hub:

    1. H1 heading

    That means that it detected that H1 heading tags are used on site and they should include keywords. It is actually detecting keywords there but suggesting that there could be more of them.

    2. link URLs

    It's finding that the URLs are not including keywords.

    However, it didn't report anything wrong with images alts for me or with sub-headings.

    Taking that into account, I think it needs more than just "divi page import" to replicate the issue and I'd like to test it. Would there be a chance to access some staging site of yours that would be an exact copy of the live one, except it would have SmartCrawl enabled instead of Yoast? That would let me actually see the issue as you reported it and that in turn would help me replicate and diagnose it so I could also refer that to our developers in order to find a solution.

    If you got (or you can create it) such a staging site, please enable support access to it and let me know here. It would be of great help for us.

    Kind regards,

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