SmartCrawl not showing sitemap

I was getting an error with SmartCrawl where it said that there was an error on line 2, after a plugin and theme conflict test and re-crawling the site and generating the sitemap still go the same issue.

As a workaround used a third party plugin to create the sitemap which worked so tested it again with SmartCrawl but now got a blank page, ran a plugin and theme conflict again but got the same issue even after re-crawling the site and updating the sitemap.

Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Sakim,

    Hope you're well :slight_smile:

    This error usually means that there's an empty space in your XML file and I indeed see that your XML has empty first line.
    You can see this if you go to your XML file and when it shows the error check page source to view the file.

    I tried checking this further but I was unable to access your server, do I need to provide you with public key or something in order to access it?

    Also, I see that you already tested for conflicts but this issue is usually caused by something in PHP files of theme or plugins so I would like to perform the test again and see if I can get any further info from there, is it ok for us to perform conflict test on your site?

    Best regards,

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