Smartcrawl Picks Wrong Title For Posts

On my post pages Smartcrawl is grabbing the wrong title tag for the post. It seems that when there is more than one loop on a page (in my case I have ‘recent posts’ and ‘recent projects’ displayed through a widget in the sidebar), it grabs the title of the last post listed on the page. You can take a look at a post page here:

The meta title tag in the browser tab shows: “Cut Your Text In Half” instead of “Ask Them To Buy” which is the actual post title.

There is a thread with the same type of problem here:

The solution offered was: to replace the second loop with ‘foreach’ and place it inside the primary loop.

But since I’m using a purchased theme I don’t really want to re-invent their template. Any help on how to implement this (or a different solution) would be appreciated.