[SmartCrawl Pro] Add site name to subject on SEO Checkup Reports

It is, literally, impossible to tell which of my sites has just completed an SEO Checkup from the email. The site name isn’t in the Subject (like almost every other WPMUDEV report), and it’s not in the Body of the message. I can’t even tell by the name of the attached PDF because it starts with “SEO-CHECKUP-” which effectively pushes the site name off the icon.

It simply cannot be that hard to put the Site name SOMEWHERE so I can tell without having to open the PDF.

  • Kris
    • Support

    Hi Jack Lavender

    Hope you are doing good today.

    By default reports you set up in HUB for any domain include parameter {{domain}} in Subject section

    Activity Report for {{domain}}

    wchich take your take your domain name.

    As for SEO CHECKUP Subject is simply “SEO Checkup Report”. Body message also does not contain any domain url. Only way to find our about domain name is to read the PDF file name or open PDF.

    If you have a lot of sites it can be really annoying for sure.

    I really like this improvement. I will inform our developers so we could include domain name in subject and in body section :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,


  • Andy
    • Product Design Lead

    Hey Jack Lavender thanks for the feedback! Kris is referring to Hub Reports, whereas you’re talking about the SEO Checkup specific report.

    This is high on the list – I am equally frustrated for my own sites not knowing which one the email is referring to!! That report is getting revamped to be an email summary with a link to the full report too, instead of a PDF attachment – like all our other digests. And yep, it’ll definitely include the site url in the copy and subject – it’s hard to know otherwise :joy:

    Bear with us till then! Shouldn’t be far off.



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