[SmartCrawl Pro] Best settings of SmartCrawl


Working on SEO using SmartCrawl, and unsure about a few things. I will list them here:

1) Meta Description

In the SEO checkup, it says: Make sure your meta description tag is under 160 characters. It is currently at 279.

But on the homepage, the descriptions is showing GREEN and all seems ok. Which one is correct?

2)I have been using the Meta Keywords function in the SmartCrawl settings on each page. I have read that Google is not considering these anymore, due to misuse, and using Meta keywords might actually damage SEO. What is the case?

3) Not that I am using News Keywords, but hasn't Google stopped supporting them. Maybe they should be removed as an option on the page settings?

4) Can you install a "Take me to the top(of search) button in SmartCrawl settings? :wink:


Ralph :slight_smile: