[SmartCrawl Pro] Conflict with Smartcrawl and Woocommerce

Hi. I'm having an issue with smartcrawl and woocommerce. The SEO Title gets set to the name of the first product in the Shop page. I have seen a similar issue in the forum, that was supposed to be fixed in 2.2. I'm running 2.2.3. But it's only the SEO title and I can set it on the page, in the smartcrawl configuration. Still, it would be nice to be fixed.

You can see the problem here: https://sysalgestao.staging.wpengine.com/catalogo-extensoes/

On the title tag of the browser it reads "Acessos Ext..." but it should be "Catálogo de Extensões".

The issue resolve itself when i deactivate SmartCrawl.