[SmartCrawl Pro] Exclude site root url (i.e. /) from site map to prevent non-canonical duplicates

Hey hope you have a great day! Our website https://www.solomia-bridal.com uses SmartCrawl Pro to generate a site map later submitted to Google.
I've notice they've made an exclusion of the root url (i.e. https://www.solomia-bridal.com/) with a "Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical" status. Indeed, the content of this page is same as of the main landing page (also included in a sitemap, in all languages). However, when I try to exclude it in the corresponding plugin section by entering a '/', that leaves me with a sitemap containing only this root URL.
2 questions:
1. Is it possible to achieve what I am aiming for?
2. Should I be doing this? Concerning the fact, that our website has different landing pages served by Wordpress' design as first redirection from root.

Thank you!