[SmartCrawl Pro] Google cannot read sitemap.xml

Google console gives me an Analysis Error "Google cannot read sitemap.xml". I consulted it online with your stuff, once it was OK, but then again no. It can be related to Hummingbird.

This tools gives me an error about Incorrect http header content type.


  • jnkfrancis
    • Recruit

    Hello Jan,

    I took a look at your site and I ran a validator tool over your sitemap.xml and I can see the issue that you are describing. This is not normal behavior for Hummingbird and we will need to look into. However for right now you can tell Hummingbird not to cache your sitemap.

    I actually did that for you as part of my diagnostic, but I’ll explain what I did so that you can revert my changes if you need too.

    First go to Hummingbird > Caching then scroll nearly to the end of the page and look for the section called “Exclusions”. In that box you will find the line:


    I added that to tell Hummingbird not to cache your sitemap.xml file. Upon doing that, and updating your sitemap I re-ran the validator and it worked out just fine.

    I will look into why Hummingbird was adding that header to your sitemap and update you once I have some new information.


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