[SmartCrawl Pro] It is possible to replace the styled SmartCrawl Pro link with my affiliate link?

It is possible to replace the styled SmartCrawl Pro link with my affiliate link? Currently that link goes here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/smartcrawl-wordpress-seo/

Is there a way the current WPMU Dev affiliate link setup could be configured to point to that page? As it’s currently setup, my affiliate link (https://matchlessweb.com/wpmudev) goes to the main WPMU Dev landing page here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/

Maybe this could be a feature request for a future release? But I’d love to see an option within Smart Crawl Pro to replace the default Smart Crawl Pro styled sitemap link (again, as seen in the screen shot currently pointing here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/smartcrawl-wordpress-seo/)

Since there’s already an option to white label so many aspects of the WPMU Dev products, I’d like to see that level of customization be extended to that sitemap link.

I know some users might white label the WP admin dashboards to remove WPMU dev super hero design elements (I assume since it’s client facing and they don’t want clients to figure out where the plugins came from?).

An existing client with WP Admin access might look through their SmartCrawl settings and find their sitemap link and click it to see what it looks like, and that’s fine if they’re already my client.

But if anyone other than me or the client of that particular site were to, for whatever reason, land on that styled sitemap page it’s not going to be someone I’m already making money from with my client services.

So if it’s a stranger who lands on the page and they’re not already a WPMU Dev member and they are curious enough to click the “Powered by Smart Crawl link”, it’d sure be nice to be able to get credit as an affiliate.

Again, I know this is a very esoteric use case and it might not get much thought from most people. But I’m ramping up my affiliate marketing efforts so I’m looking for internal linking opportunities within my site.

And I know there’s a very small likelihood that I’d ever get a new account sign up referral because someone stumbled upon my sitemap and thought, “Wow, that sitemap is cool. And that smart girl chick looks so mysterious. I need to know more… *visits link and is impressed by all that’s included in the membership*… I’m now going to become a WPMU Dev member myself”.

BUT if that opportunity ever presents itself – I’d like to be able to get credit.

What do you guys think?