[SmartCrawl Pro] More problems with SmartCrawl

Besides the problems that I have in another site, there are some other problems with this plugin:
– there is no sitemap at https://clubarcadegames.com/sitemap.xml, thought it was configured as “Automatically generate a sitemap”. But in sitemap crawler there is an error: “Your SEO crawl has timed out due to an unknown error. Please try again or contact support.”
– In the front page the focus keyword is “Arcade Games”. The first paragraph is “Welcome to Arcade Games”, but SC says “First paragraph has no keywords”
– there some errors in SEO that when corrected and running a new checkup still appears, even after disabling page cache in HB and flushing object cache as I was recommended.
Definitely there is some wrong with SC (or at least with the last uodate).
This situation is step by step the same problems that I had (and still have) with SC with another site: discoveringbangkok.com
I need a solution. I cannot spend more time fighting with WPMU plugins that creating the sites. If these plugins (SC, HB,…:wink: are not reliable, please recommend me a replacement.
Thanks you.