[SmartCrawl Pro] network wide smartcrawl settings

Smartcrawl could be upgraded with more network settings to control from the super admin network area.

Now I just tested that I can not force to activate a sitemap on all my subsites.

Although it is a great feature that I already can control if a subsite admin can change my settings or not, it would be even greater if I can activate all the necessary Smartcrawl setting for my network.

I use all Smartcraw plugin modules. I activated the network settings to be changed per site, since that gives you the most personalized seo settings and moz integration, pinterest meta tags,…

So it seems to me, that SmartCrawl needs something between all network the same settings, non personelized. And the setting for each site, that you can not setup as superadmin.

I hope this will be added to the roadmap. Since non of the existing setups are ideal for my multisitenetwork.