[SmartCrawl Pro] OMG SmartCrawl is spitting out malformed ld+json data

So I was going through my seo and google webmaster tools...and to my surprise google wasn't happy. Couldnt find that structured data is so much desires...so then started looking through smart crawl...no toggle for it or anything. But reviewing the forums...support operators discuss its existence. After much pecking around I find to turn on ld+json data schema outputs... requires toggling something called "social" . Okay...bad label...which makes no sense. Moving on.

Now examining the outputted data...
1. The data is enclosed in [] ...why. No where does the schema say to do that, can't find any examples showing that. So...I am guessing that eliminates it from being readable right from the start because smart crawl is not outputting in the right format?

2. Publisher section is not listing a logo...yikes. Google really wants that, even specifies max 60 px height dimentions and all that good stuff. So for it to be useful, you might want to have a special field in smartcrawl allowing a user to link to the url of their company logo that they can create with the right specs (as other plugins do). Otherwise...its causing problems.

the image that seems to be set for the logo as a default with no way for me to change it is:


Which...is gonna cause trouble as it gives nothing that is usable to google.

Anyways, i think this part is important and should really be reviewed.

Thanks guys.