[SmartCrawl Pro] Please review SEO warnings for home pages

I suggest the following SEO warnings don’t apply to a home page:

“Content is shorter than 300 words ” : A home page doesn’t need to be verbose. A full article on a home page can chase away a visitor. Home page content in sections/widgets often comes from many sources.

“No images found”: Shouldn’t warn when there is no featured image. It’s not necessary on a home page where images might be in sidebars. sliders, the header image, etc.

“No internal or external links” : The menu and sidebars are adequate for homepage navigation.

“Slug has no keywords” : Slug might be “home” or “welcome”. It’s irrelevant when this page is the static default home page. Note that on Ignore the text for this warning changes to “Slug contains keywords”, which is exactly the opposite of what it should be.