[Other] Plugins - Yoast Premium, Yoast Video, Updraftplus and WPRocket

I am concerned there might be some compatibility issues with my current plugins and the new ones that are available with your suite of plugins.

I currently have Yoast Premium enabled on my site - can I leave it enabled and import the settings and use your plugin instead going forward (but leaving Yoast there on my site)? I have quite a few redirects set up through Yoast Premium.

I also have Yoast for Video which I purchased and use - do I need to disable that?

I am using WPRocket (which I love) should I disable Hummingbird? Does it make changes automatically to my site (or ask me first) or just audit my site for speed and offer suggestions?

I use Updraftplus for backups with Dropbox - will it conflict with the managed backups with your plugin? I like the idea of having it backed up in multiple places so I am hoping to leave both enabled.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

I'm using all the plugins on my other sites and I love them - I thought I'd try it on my main site (5 years old now) - but I'm not sure if I'm ready to remove plugins I've been using for a couple years in place of the new ones...which is why I'm asking if I can leave them in place while I try the new ones first.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi Rhondda,

    I hope you're fine today!

    Your concerns are absolutely understandable. The thing is though that most of these plugins got overlapping features so it's not a matter of conflicts but rather redundancy that might cause some quite unexpected (and rather unwanted) issues.

    Both SmartCrawl and Yoast are meant to boost SEO of your site and for this they do a specific set of changes. While working together on the same site, the conflict between them might occur but most importantly, they would attempt to do "the same at the same time" which can cause unpredictable problems leading to SEO "downgrade" in the end. That's pretty much the same like two people trying to write on the same computer using the same keyboard at the very same time, so to say :slight_smile:

    In case of these plugins only one of them should be active at the time - either SmartCrawl or Yoast. SmartCrawl also has a redirect engine built-in so the redirects can be set there (you just need to enable "Advanced Tools" module first in its "Settings").

    As for WP Rocket. This is mostly a matter of redundant features. Personally, I would stick to Hummingbird (I'm also using it for my private site) but you actually can choose - up to some level - which features of which plugin do you want to use. The point is to make sure that they do not overlap.

    For example, if you are using Asset Optimization in Hummingbird, no option for JS/CSS minification/optimization etc should be enabled in WP Rocket. The same applies to caches (all kinds of them) and compression.

    If the options would "overlap" that might cause serious issues: optimization of already optimized resources (regardless of which of these two plugins did it first and which processed them second) can break the site or result in very difficult to diagnose issues. Caching already cached resources won't speed up the site: best case scenario - nothing will change significantly, worse case scenario - site goes down; and there's a whole spectrum of possible issues between these two.

    The least problems would be with backups. You can run both Updraft and Snapshot on the same site, and even more backup plugins or external tools (like cPanel backup) and that shouldn't interfere. However, you should make sure that backup archives of one plugin are excluded from backups in another one.

    In other words: backup .zip files created with Updraft should be added to exclusion list in Snapshot and other way around. This is because it would a) cause backup files' sizes to "explode" b) it might actually cause backup process to break because some very big files - and backup archives usually are huge - might not be possible to process by one or both of these plugins.

    I'd also suggest making sure that both plugins are scheduled differently so they wouldn't process at the same time as this might cause too big load on the server. Other than this, running them both should be perfectly fine.

    Best regards,

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