[SmartCrawl Pro] SEO Check + Smartcrawl on Multsite not checking all sites

I have a multisite and smartcrawl is set to be available for all sites. But I can only do seo checks and smart crawls on main site (showercurtains.eu). In the settings it says that all sub-sites admin et cetera have permission to execute all functions and so on.

What’s wrong? I need to check and crawl all sites. :slight_smile:

Support access is granted.

  • Marcus
    • Flash Drive

    Ah ok. I will try that for checkup but what about smartcrawl? The whole point with multisite is to have an umbrella of functions for your sites. No?

    There is no workaround or…plugin you have or can recommend?

    I guess I can switch the primary between the subsites but that is messy. Or apart from being messy on a access/ftp/database level..will it create other problems?

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Marcus ,

    If you meant about displaying the SEO Checkup results in SmartCrawl plugin side, then I’m afraid the results in SmartCrawl plugin side will only be displayed for the main site. There isn’t any workaround regarding this to display the results in the dashboard side for other subsites.

    Doesn’t running the subsite URL in the WP Checkup help?

    WP Checkup gives the same results as SEO Checkup performed via SmartCrawl plugin. I’m afraid, WP Checkup would be the only workaround for SEO Checkups, where once you run the subsite homepage link via the WP Checkup and the result should give the SEO Checkup results for your respective subsite, which you can send to the users via email or download PDFs.

    SmartCrawl team is already looking forward regarding new feature to implement SEO Checkup for each subsite, at the moment there isn’t any ETA but it’s something which our team is looking down the plugin’s roadmap.

    Kind Regards,

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