[SmartCrawl Pro] SEO Checkup warnings

Would you please help me solve this SmarCrawl warnings Anchor Tags. Redundant Anchor Titles and Relative Anchors Pointing to Invalid IDs?

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      Hi Anubhav Aggarwal

      Hope you are doing good today.

      Anchor Tags alert is related to this section on home page, which is build in via image box module in Elementor. This module add:

      – image as separate url

      – title as separate url

      – text

      Alert inform that this img anchor does have inside a text. It is simple image as link.

      Via image box module this will be not possible to fix.

      You will need to use other module like simple text, then add image, title and text manually.

      Note this will require additional css class and html tag for url.

      For example bad part looks like this:

      <a href="URL"><img src="URL" /></a>

      Correct one will look like this:

      <a href="URL" class="hidetextfix"><img src="URL" /><span>title</span></a>

      + additional css to hide text:

      .hidetextfix span {display:none;}

      Redundant Anchor Titles alert mean in page source you use same links with same title. And those should be unique. However from what I check this alert is related to you main menu which call items twice: one menu for desktop, second one for mobile. Both are visible in source but only correct device display the correct one. This is how theme author design code so there is nothing we could do about this I'm afraid.

      Relative Anchors Pointing to Invalid IDs alert shows when anchors are pointing to IDs that are not present on the page. Example:

      <a href="#"><img></a>

      In your case this is related to Visa item menu. it does not point nowhere. Tours menu item got also submenu but as a main element it point to some URL.

      Please consider to point Visa menu item to any URL, like at least to first submenu item or create some new page where you will write some default text about visas.

      Hope this help.

      Kind Regards,


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