[SmartCrawl Pro] Set archive title & description for custom post types

This relates to how the meta title and description are set on post archive pages. In my testing I have found SmartCrawl sets the archive title and description to that of the first post on the page. From an SEO perspective this is totally wrong and implies duplicate content. Apparently a fix is on the way for this. But what will get set instead?

Post categories and other taxonomies already appear to have inputs for SEO titles and descriptions but I cannot see anywhere to set these for a default archive that hasn\'t been filtered down by a taxonomy.

If it is not already part of this upcoming release I would like the facility to set the archive titles and descriptions for any custom post type.

To give an example, a portfolio post type would benefit from a more descriptive title than, \"Archive: Portfolio.\" I\'d like to be able to set, \"A collection of art & design work by D*Face.\" Along with an appropriate description.