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I would like to know if Smart Crawl Pro and SEO Yoast does the same thing?

  • Jack Alltrade
    • Just A Community Member

    Simple answer yes and no.

    Smart Crawl does everything you need for a standard website to do well with SERPS if you follow it's advice and are providing quality content on a regular basis.

    I started out with SEO about 20 years ago using programs like Web Position Gold and then when the engines made those pieces of software obsolete switched to manually doing my SEO - I find Yoast to be bloated and provide false recommendations.

    I've had Yoast tell me pages that have generated good SERPS and site traffic for over ten years were sub par and needed to be rewritten. So I might be biased but I'd take Smart Crawl over Yoast any day.

    And to be honest up until recently I was just using Genesis theme framework SEO functionality but switched to Smart Crawl to reduce the number of plugins and functions.php tweaks I was having to implement for SEO.

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Fonda,

    Both the plugins helps with SEO, in that terms it does the same thing. As mentioned by Jack, SmartCrawl provides the basis for a fine SEO Setup, and it has it's own workflow, which should cover all the SEO functionalities needed to improve SEO.

    The difference could be usability between two plugins, which you can check our documentation to know more about SmartCrawls configuration:


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