[SmartCrawl Pro] Smart Crawl conflict

My site is loading extremely slow (15s roughly) after just getting it to under a second yesterday.

The page editor is not loading correctly and when I activate divi builder it does not load at all.

If I disable Smart crawl, issues go away but site still seems to be slow overall with divi builder taking a while to load.

Support access is granted.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi Eric Johnson

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I checked the site and it seems that Asset Optimization might need a bit more tweaking but there's also something in addition "under the hood" there. I did some tests, with SmartCrawl Pro still disabled but also with Asset Optimization disabled - and I'm still experiencing a bit "unstable" performance and also "unstable" behavior of Divi.

    For example, whenever I tried to access Divi builder on front end, for every couple of times it was loading nearly instantly while other couple of times it was first giving blank page and then it was showing up after a few seconds.

    This suggests that there's something more into it and I'll need to investigate it more. However, if you're working on the site: there's an option in the Hosting panel to create a staging site. Could you create such a site and enable access to it? I could then do all the possible tests and changes that I'd need to in order to troubleshoot this without interrupting the the live site and we'd minimize the risk of "breaking" anything (as I don't know the site as well as you do).

    Would that be fine? Let me know please once the staging site is ready and support access to it is enabled and I'll dig deeper.

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi Eric Johnson

    Thanks for getting back to me and setting up a staging site.

    My colleague tested it and he didn't experience any significant speed issues (though that might be subjective) but I just found out two interesting things:

    1) if I try to enable Divi editor directly on front-end (so open page on front end and try to enter editor via the link in admin toolbar) it loads much faster than...

    2) ...if I first enter to edit page in back-end and then use the "edit on front-end" option

    In fact, that 2nd case is the one where I'm experiencing that blank screen for a couple of seconds, while it doesn't happen in the 1st case. So that's one "strange" thing. The second one is that apparently that's not even consistent for "entire site". For example, I can see that on homepage (probably the "worse" case) or on 404 page (slightly better than on homepage but still noticeable) but not e.g. on "Consultation" page.

    However, since - as I mentioned earlier - my colleague who looked into this too apparently didn't experience the issues, can I ask you to take another look especially taking into account what I wrote above? I mean: if you are able to confirm that or is it "just me" and for you it's still failing "everywhere"?

    Best regards,

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