[SmartCrawl Pro] SmartCrawl brakes WP Forms


the recent update of SmartCrawl brakes some other plugins.

What happens is that some ob_start() method calls ends with following error
`PHP Fatal error: ob_start(): Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/wpforms/includes/class-frontend.php on line 1089`
(at the mentioned line is the ob_start() call).

Besides WPForms (Lite as well as Pro version) it happens in my own plugins using ob_start().

So, the problems seems to be clear. SmartCrawls call ob_start() and before the output buffer ends, another (in WPForms or in my plugin) are called which cause `Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers` error.

I disabled SmartCrawl right now. My tip is that the problem is in method smartcrawl_start_title_buffer() in onpage.php file, but haven't tested it properly yet.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Frantisek,

    Thanks for you detailed report, we have noticed that release has issues with shortcodes that use ob_start and thus we had to temporarily take it down and re-release previous version as until this is sorted out.

    Apologies fo any inconvenience this might have caused and we're hoping to have patched version back soon.

    Best regards,

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