[SmartCrawl Pro] SmartCrawl Category Issue

Hi Guys,

I am just trying to sort out Smartcrawl on the above site before we release it later this week. In the Title and Meta, Taxonomies, Categories, there seems to be an issue. If you add the default %%category%% instead of getting the category title, you get a list of all the categories hierachy which doesn't really match the page at all.

As an example, on page http://webxopt.info/brnz/category/product/industrial/ you would want the Title to be

"Industrial – B&R Enclosures – New Zealand"

however instead I get

"Ancillary Items, Climate Control, climate-control-industrial, Industrial, Product | B&R Enclosures – New Zealand"

This is a list of some (but not all) subcategories, the category, then it's parent category. Not really what I wanted or would expect and there seems to be no option to simplify it short of manually editing each category.

Is there any way to fix these up within SmartCrawl?