[SmartCrawl Pro] SmartCrawl Not Working

In hub overview, when I click on SEO, it tells me that the latest report was run TODAY - June 25, 2018 and that current score is 100. Below I get this message:

"Your SEO crawl has timed out due to an unknown error. Please try again or contact support."

When I access SmartCrawl via wp dashboard, it tells me that last SEO checkup was run today and SEO score is 81/100.

How can this be fixed? Is there a way to force synchronization of websites with the hub overview?

Another issue related to SmartCrawl is my Privacy Policy page: https://www.friendfiler.com/privacy-policy/ which isn't showing. In the backend, the content on the page is all there but under SmartCrawl, it says - Readability: No content to check

I've enabled Support Access to my above mentioned blog. Can you please help?

I can go submitting individual tickets for all my sites, but the issue is always with the SmartCrawl Pro, some affected more severely than others.