[SmartCrawl Pro] SmartCrawl Pro Better than YoastSeo

Hi WPMU Dev Staff / James Farmer James Farmer

I just want to start by saying good job to the developers of SmartCrawl! If anyone reading is debating whether to switch from YoastSeo, I would suggest you definetly give it a try. I liked YoastSeo (still do), but it has become too bulky and with so much advertising everywhere to upgrade to Pro. This is more of an issue on Multisite and if you are on Multisite definetly give SmartCrawl ago! Yoast’s 1 license per subsite means Pro pricing is not feasible, and with all the advertising means super admins will need an additional plugin to hide it all (if we don’t, some clients will end up buying a license which they can’t use, or they will moan about losing some features on the free version :disappointed: ).

Saying that, there is still a few minor issues/bugs will SmartCrawl that I would like to draw attention to and hope the devs will fix soon.

When – Sitewide mode (network level changes only) – is ACTIVATED

1) When Sitewide mode is activated the subsite loses the ability to connect social media accounts. Neither the subsite admin nor the super admin can set this up for a subsite.

My suggestion would be to allow both “Sitewide mode (network level changes only)” and “Social” to be actiavted under “Site Owner Permissions” on the super admin settings page. If Social is deactivated then only let the super admin see the social page when viewing a subsite. If you don’t want it all together than just turn off the Social plugin module.

2) Similar to 1 above, there is no way to add meta tags to verify search engines on subsites. As this is on the settings page.

My suggestion would be to put the search engine meta tag verification stuff on its own settings page and then add it to the “Site Owner Permissions” section so super admins can turn it on or off for subsites as they require. It also means the super admins don’t need to allow the subsite admins access to the settings page.

3) Subite admins / super admins cannot access the import/export settings page for a subsite. Therefore when a new site is added to the network they cannot import YoastSeo etc settings. This is a big issue as makes it very difficult to change SEO plugins.

My suggestion put it on its own settings page and add it to “Site Owner Permissions” section. If the option is deactivated then still allow the super admin to access it for the subsite admin.

When – Sitewide mode (network level changes only) – is DE-ACTIVATED

4) It seems like it doesn’t use the network settings as defaut settings. This is a shame because most networks are setup to use the same plugins across all subsites. For example YoastSEO or SmartCrawl. Can’t imagine many networks allowing both. So in terms of SmartCrawl if one subsite uses SmartCrawl sitemaps it is likely the super admin won’t install another sitemap plugin.

My suggestion, when a new subsite is created use SmartCrawls network settings. Then the super admin can still hide some settings pages. Or if they allow subsites admins access to those settings the subsite admin can change the defaults. By doing this it can for example avoid super admins from having to give subsite admins access to the Sitemap settings just so the subsite admin can click a button saying “Activate Sitemap”.

5) The SmartCrawl settings Dashboard on subsites displays all plugin modules even when they have been disabled by the super admin. This means the subsite admins can still click buttons like “Activate” / “Conifgure” but the buttons don’t do anything.

My suggestion, if the plugin module is deactivated in the network settings, then don’t display that feture on the subsite settings dashboard

6) Can’t hide the SmartCrawl subsite settings dashboard.

My suggestion, add a dashboard option to the “Site Owner Permissions” on the super admin settings page. This way it can be completely hidden from subsite admins if it won’t add any value and will therefore make their dashboard more clutter free.

Last Suggestion

Being one of WPMU Dev’s Top Plugins and with it starting to look quite good now, why not add it to the Quick Setup?

Really hope these issues will be taken care of so I can use all SmartCrawl Pro features on my multisites.