[SmartCrawl Pro] SmartCrawl Pro creates duplicate og:image

this plugin states:
"By default OpenGraph will use your default titles, descriptions and feature images. You can override the default on a per post basis inside the post editor, as we as under Titles & Meta for specific post types."

but when I add a new image for og:image, it ADDS it as SECOND. The results that any richpreview will still use the post featured image..

I understand that facebook allows multiple images, and that multiple will show when sharing a page on facebook. But in richpreviews only 1 image shows, and this should be the one I added to overwrite the post default.

if the post default is added as second in the HTML, then the rich preview will show the one i want. and when shared on facebook, the post default will show which is fine.

however, I would rather ommit the post default in the META all together if I choose to overwrite it... (I can always add it to the overwrites if I want it to show... Makes more sense that way)