[SmartCrawl Pro] SmartCrawl Pro does not allow to "no follow" a specific link

Dear all,

Today one of my employee who is marketer sent me some messages and complaining about SmartCrawl Pro plugin.

To be honest I am a loyal member of wpmudev and I don't want my employees think badly about this wonderful commonity .

I talked to him that there is always a solution with friendly and great teams behind of the plugin.

But I will copy and paste what he sent it to me .


I was talking with one of you guys in live chat but unfortunatly, something happend and I lost my time to check the chat .

First of all sorry my friend if I could not continnue more.

Secondly thank you for your effort and helping me.

but my employee message about SmartCrawl Pro :

It does not allow to "no follow" a specific link. We want this function to work in order not to allow the search engines follow it from out portal. With this, we are not responsible for providing the external link on our website (which is a normal practice in SEO unless it is a link to your own website). Plus, we would not want to promote smb's services for free from our website. So we add the no follow tag for specific link. However, smart crawl only allows to do it for the entire page/post covering all links, even ours internal ones, which is not good for our SEO, either.

2. SmartCrawl is wrong about SEO performance. Particularly, when it comes to link discovering. Here is an example with an article from our blog: https://www.webfalcon.pl/blog/wp-admin/post.php?post=438&action=edit

It says there are 8 links discovered. But there are none… Not cool.

You might consider buying Yoast premium from them which is 75 euro for one website

I will be happy if you check this out and let me know why there is a problem like that.

Thanks in advance.