[SmartCrawl Pro] SmartCrawl Pro Not Displaying Accurate Results

I continue to run into this problem of where SmartCrawl Pro doesn't recognize keywords in subheadings or doesn't recognize an image as being used in a post. I use Page Builder Framework as my base theme and Elementor Pro on all websites. I switched from Yoast to SmartCrawl Pro (I'm actually a member of WPMU Dev) but am finding it doesn't work at 100%.

I don't know if it would work if I wasn't using Elementor Pro - and it doesn't matter because I only use Elementor Pro and that's where I need it to work. Below is a link to one article as an example. It has headings with the keyword "mobile bartending" and there is a featured image set (that does have "mobile bartending" in the alt tag). https://diamondgirlsbartenders.com/mobile-bartending-4-ways-it-helps-your-event-succeed/

Is there a reason this is happening? Is there anything I can do to ensure a "green light" on these SEO factors?

  • Jonjon
    • Code Killa

    Hi there, Toni.

    Thanks for the cooperation.

    I have reproduced both of your issues and I see what you mean. I have contacted the developer of the plugin as well, so we could clarify a bit more about these issues and I hope to have some feedback soon.

    For now, I have indeed found that if your keyword is not present in EVERY heading text in your page it will show that warning. As you see below in my screenshot, I was able to make the warning disappear by adding the keyword to the only heading text that was missing.

    But it is just a warning you can ignore for now as the SEO Analysis is just a tool for recommended practices. In the warning there is also a message that explains that you don't necessarily have to have the keywords in all headings. As shown in the image below:

    Lastly but not least important, I have reproduced this described issues in my test website as well, even without Elementor Plugin. So I believe this is default behavior. I'm still investigating why readability is at 0 in the other website you mentioned.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Toni
      • Flash Drive

      Hey Jon,
      Well, it would be considered spammy if the keyword was in every title. Seriously, Yoast can pick up on the use in 1 heading...Just saying!

      I also have where the Readability doesn't even trigger, which means I have to add the article to another site that has Yoast or use a readability checker. Obviously, if it's in SmartCrawl Pro - it should work and I should have to rely on another plugin or software to find out if it passes the Flesch-Kincaid readability scoring.

      At the end of the day - I'm paying yearly for my membership and I use only the Dashboard, SmartCrawl Pro and the training videos...And if SmartCrawl Pro won't work, I really can't justify the cost of the membership.

  • Jonjon
    • Code Killa

    Hi Toni.

    Thank you for your answer and feedback.

    I have consulted with the developers and plugin product team and we have already decided to change the subheading in title algorithm so it won't show that it needs in every title. :slight_smile:

    About your second issue, yes we are aware readability is important and we are working on the conflicts that appear with some page builders. So rest assured we are working to improve.

    Hope to have helped and have a great day ahead!


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