[SmartCrawl Pro] Support for all subsites in SmartCrawl

Having a plugin like SmartCrawl as a replacement for Yoast SEO is a great addition to the service that we are paying for. The sentiment above that the ability to scan our sites individually on multisite installations is an important part of this plugin. Without it, the plugin, in my opinion is fairly useless. We need the ability to check the sites we manage and ensure that everything is setup/running most effectively. Title & Meta Settings along with generating a Sitemap XML only is very novice and is beneath the capacity of the amazing developers we have at WPMUDEV.

From a marketing standpoint, the pricepoint difference between WPMUDEV is significant as well. Yoast SEO Premium is currently $89 one time. We pay $50/month to provide recurring revenue to be able to have these types of things. It is disappointing as a customer when I see customers asking for something and WPMUDEV saying there is no intention of providing it.