[SmartCrawl Pro] Very bad translation in French for this plug-ins

It's very curious

in order to avoid errors of interpretation. I advise you to remove or check all the proposed translations for this module.

I am trying to correct ID by ID on PO file
it is obvious that the translation has been translated with automatic translation tools (BING)

I understand the interest of translating to win points. but degraded the quality of software I find it completely malicious for the French community. The sentences shot in a very imcomplete way. missing link word, wacky sentence twist. I made a quick point about the content and did some online translation test is it was using BING translate. I appeared the translators curiously are always the same. they translate between 70% to 100%. it mad me upset. and suddenly translate the same content into 3 revisions for belgium, canadian, switzerland is a idiocy.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Oly

    I hope you're fine today and thank you for pointing that out.

    I took a look at these translations to check translators. The fr, fr-ch and fr-be translations are coming from community members. All the translations are open to the community and in fact so far we provided plugins only in English, leaving the translations to community entirely. I don't speak French so I can't asses the quality of these translations but that's why there's a point system and you, as a Member, are more than welcome to add or correct these translations there.

    However, since we recently started translating our plugins to as many languages as possible on our own (we're multinational, global team), I'm forwarding the case to our translation supervisor so he could check this.

    As for the fr-ca translation, that's actually been translated by a native Canadian and I believe it should be reflecting specifics of "Canadian French" (the same way as you got both English UK and English USA versions of WordPress translations - where there are some significant differences).

    Best regards,

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