[SmartCrawl Pro] Very bad translation in French for this plug-ins

It's very curious





in order to avoid errors of interpretation. I advise you to remove or check all the proposed translations for this module.

I am trying to correct ID by ID on PO file

it is obvious that the translation has been translated with automatic translation tools (BING)

I understand the interest of translating to win points. but degraded the quality of software I find it completely malicious for the French community. The sentences shot in a very imcomplete way. missing link word, wacky sentence twist. I made a quick point about the content and did some online translation test is it was using BING translate. I appeared the translators curiously are always the same. they translate between 70% to 100%. it mad me upset. and suddenly translate the same content into 3 revisions for belgium, canadian, switzerland is a idiocy.